SDSN Indonesia focuses on specific challenges and the solutions and strategies that will help propel Indonesia towards its sustainability goals. Specifically, the network is working to engage youth with the aim of building trust and creating avenues for collaboration on the SDGs and their achievement.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Hosted by: University of Indonesia (UI) and United in Diversity (UID)


  • Jatna Supriatna

    University Of Indonesia

Young people are key stakeholders to the SDG process in Indonesia, not only as a group of future beneficiaries, but also the movers, initiators, and implementers of the goals and associated projects in decades to come. The Youth Action Forum (YAF) was designed by the network to welcome and inspire contributions from leaders from various youth organizations in Indonesia, build a common trust, and foster collaboration.

As part of YAF, SDSN Indonesia has successfully conducted two series of Youth Dialogue Studio, a monthly meeting hosted by the Network and the United in Diversity Foundation in Jakarta. An array of active youth organizations have been brought together to learn about the SDGs and identify how they can empower one another to support them. Many opportunities have been identified and acted upon by participants such as education initiatives, outreach campaigns, project work, and general advocacy for the goals in the region. Thanks to this success, the Youth Dialogue Studio is expanding to 5 major cities in Indonesia: Padang, Banda Aceh, Makassar, and Balikpapan.

The network also holds a competition for Indonesian organizations working on solutions to local sustainable development problems. These initiatives must be able to demonstrate some success as well as long-term financial, organizational, and environmental sustainability. The winner of the UID-SDSN Award obtains mentorship, networking opportunities, publicity, and a cash prize. Past winning projects include a community-based rural road paving project and an organic farming initiative for disadvantaged youth.