SDSN Italia looks to mobilize Italian society to achieve the SDGs. SDSN Italia works with the UN Global Compact Italian Network and ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, to promote the 2030 Agenda.

Location: Milan, Italy

Hosted by: Fondazione Eni Enrico Ma ei (FEEM)


  • Sabina Ratti

    Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Milan, Italy

__Defining the Italian 2030 Sustainable Development pathway __ In 2017, the network partnered with ASviS around the Sustainable Development Festival which hosted over 200 events across Italy in the spring of 2017. To continue this partnership, SDSN Italia is also developing an ex-ante assessment of the Italian 2030 Sustainable Development pathway that will be published in the 2017 report by ASviS, using the APPS Index (Assessment, Projections, and Policy of SDGs) developed by FEEM. This SDG modelling tool evaluates current and future sustainability based on the 17 goals. The APPS will be presented at the second edition of the SDSN Italia conference, entitled “Analytical tools and methods to evaluate the impact of public policies on the SDGs,” together with the SDG Index and Dashboards Report.

Territorial 2030 Agenda for Italy Achievement of SDGs will depend on the active participation of local authorities, which is why SDSN Italia and the University of Basilicata are cooperating with local institutions, stakeholders, and civil society in the Basilicata Region to develop a territorial 2030 Agenda. As part of this effort to localise the SDGs, two conferences were organised in Potenza and Matera to promote collaboration among local actors and to define strategies to for the achievement of the SDGs.

Youth in Action for SDGs SDSN Italia also believes that the youth can play an indispensable role in building a sustainable future for Italy and the world. The network plans events that can meaningfully engage young people. In 2017, the network collaborated with Fondazione Accenture and Fondazione Feltrinelli on the “Youth in Action for SDGs” contest calling for sustainable solutions for Italy. Hundreds of millennials answered the call and several six-month private sector internships were awarded to help them realize their ideas. The winners presented their SDG solutions at the Sustainable Development Festival, attended by Italian Prime Minister, at the Astana 2017 EXPO, and the ICSD at Columbia University