Since its launch, SDSN Malaysia has worked on compiling the multitude of sustainable development initiatives in the country. The initiatives are diverse and varied, covering every goal and implemented by academia, government, civil societies and private sectors.

Location: Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Hosted by: Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development, Sunway University


  • Jeffrey Cheah

    Chairman, Sunway Group

SDSN Malaysia, as an important actor of the country’s sustainability architecture, is supporting the nation towards achieving its development goals outlined in the New Economic Model and the 11th Malaysia Plan. This is done through a strong linkage with the National Focal Points for the SDGs and supporting the Voluntary National Review process for the 2017 High Level Political Forum. The network’s Leadership Council members also sit on the National SDG Council chaired by the Prime Minister and the Steering Committee with several cluster-based Working Committees.

Rising to the Challenge In order to bring attention to sustainable development, the network co-authored Rising to the Challenge in 2014. This first book provided a set of models of existing solutions initiatives already being undertaken in Malaysia. For a second version of the publication, SDSN Malaysia has run another review of existing solutions, this time including education for sustainable development (ESD) initiatives. Together with the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Malaysia), the 2017 edition looks into the mainstreaming, institutionalizing, and up-scaling of these initiatives. The work on the second book includes the mapping of Sustainable Development and Education for Sustainable Development best practices across the 17 SDGs and the six national development strategies, as well as the collection of relevant and recent data.

Malaysian university pledge and ranking report SDSN Malaysia is partnering with the Ministry of Higher Education and Universiti Sains Malaysia on two new projects. The first is a nation-wide pledge for institutions of higher learning to highlight their commitment to the SDGs. This pledge will encompass university-wide activities related to core areas such as teaching, research, community engagement, and institutional frameworks. The second is the development of a new assessment tool that measures how universities are actually contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. Based on this assessment, the network will publish a report which will rank universities based on the strength of their research on the SDGs.