To bridge the number of SDSN Youth organizations in Indonesia with the importance of achieving targets and indicators of the SDGs, SDSN Youth Indonesia initiated a workshop to sharpen the organization’s strategy in its contribution to achieving SDGs. The workshop was divided into two sessions, the Impact Model Canvas Workshop and the Communication for Sustainable Development Workshop. Nearly half of the total members attended the workshop.

Workshops were presented in an interactive form and were divided into small groups. The distribution of small groups is based on three main pillars of sustainable development, namely Economic, Social and Environmental. Each group contains representatives of organizational members who have identified themselves with specific objectives on the SDGs.

The process of implementing the workshop was quite challenging. We learned that not all members understand in detail about sustainable development. Their insights on this need to be sharpened and linked to how their organizations can contribute to the achievement of SDGs. However, their enthusiasm for this learning process deserves a thumbs up. This means they want to be better.

There are at least three things that become lessons learned in the implementation of this workshop. First, it is important for all of us to study the SDGs thoroughly. Not only identify goals 1 to 17, but also identify up to the target and indicator of each goal. The more specific we identify ourselves, the easier it is for us to make strategies to contribute to the achievement of SDGs. Second, in 2014, UNFPA campaign on “Investing in Young People” must be carried out continuously. Young people as future leaders must be given mentoring programs for their development so that they become even better. Third, it is important for all of us to support one another. Both in program collaboration and also process to learn together.

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