In order to build a global network of universities, research centers, civil society organizations, and other knowledge centers for sustainable development, National and Regional SDSNs are established to accelerate practical problem-solving for sustainable development at the local, national, and regional level. With the rapid development of initiatives to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia, and to disseminate local lessons learned to a global network, SDSN is welcoming a new member and strategic collaborator in its Indonesia SDSN, the Belantara Foundation.

The Belantara Foundation is an independent, grant making non-profit organization based in Indonesia with the goal of conserving Indonesia’s natural environment through large-scale ecosystem conservation and restoration activities. Belantara will work closely with the University of Indonesia and a variety of stakeholders in coordinating and collaborating to protect biodiversity and ecosystems in the most ecologically sensitive areas of Indonesia.

“We are really grateful to become an SDSN member. As a foundation that aims to protect and conserve Indonesia’s biodiversity in its vision, this support will help Indonesia government in progressing on the SDGs, especially Goal 15. Belantara have access to a wider network in Indonesia and globally to achieve its mission” said Dr. Sri Mariati, Executive Director of Belantara Foundation.

SDSN Indonesia is a one of SDSN’s many global network working to localize the SDGs in Indonesia. The network is hosted by the Research Center for Climate Change at the University of Indonesia (RCCC- UI). RCCC-UI and the SDSN are looking forward to partnering with the Belantara Foundation to support sustainable development in Indonesia.

The University of Indonesia is the oldest (more than 150 years) educational institution in Indonesia, and is generally considered as the most prestigious university in Indonesia. In 2010, the University set up a research center that helps dealing with climate change education and researches, namely Research Center for Climate Change (RCCC).

About Belantara Foundation

We are a grant making and distribution foundation that focuses on environmental conservation through protection, restoration, social forestry, and community economic improvement. We collaborate with partners to offer more value to the environment, society and the region through the distribution of grant and investment funds in 10 priority grant areas spread across 5 provinces in Indonesia through a landscape-based approach to support collaboration and participation of all parties. For more information, please visit and follow Belantara Foundation’s social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For more information, please contact:

Cut Sevka Sachrul
Communication Division
Belantara Foundation
Ph. (+62)21 3915434