SDSN Korea mobilizes high-level support and public interest to develop a viable governance framework that can mainstream the SDGs in the national policy agenda. To achieve this, the network has positioned itself as the convenor of national-level thought leaders on sustainable development issues, conducting research projects and organising public discussions to raise awareness on the SDGs.

Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hosted by: Ojeong Eco-Resilience Institute (OJERI) at Korea University

Since it was founded in October 2013, it has held thirteen conferences and public seminars, published eight major reports, and submitted three major sets of recommendations to the government.

To enhance its thought leadership and advisory role for the government, the network established the “Sustainable Development Forum,” a group of 45 influential leaders in SDG-related areas, including two former Prime Ministers and four former Ministers. This group has provided advice on draft bills on climate and energy, green growth, and sustainable development that will be submitted to the National Assembly by representatives of the incumbent Democratic Party and submitted recommendations to the new government, including for the reinstatement of the Presidential Committee on Sustainable Development.

SDSN Korea has also taken up activities initiated by SDSN Global and its partners such as the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project and contributes to ‘The World In 2050’ Thematic Network. The network has piloted its own international projects on Water-Food-Ecosystems Resilience in the Mid-Latitude Region (MLR), Local Governance Architecture for SDGs Implementation, ICT-based Solutions for the SDGs and Assessing the North Korean Economy by the SDGs.

On the education front, the State University of New York in Korea (SUNY), a local member organization, will launch a course series on sustainable development blended with the SDG Academy MOOCs, beginning with The Age of Sustainable Development introductory class. The KDI School of Public Policy and Management is also contributing to a MOOC on “the Korean Development Experience – Lessons for Sustainable Development” to the SDG Academy.