SDSN SE Asia is a regional network of organizations and thought leaders across SE Asia/ASEAN with a mission to interact, champion and spearhead sustainable development initiatives, and to help scale up solutions throughout ASEAN.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Hosted by: United in Diversity (UID)


  • Cherie Nursalim

    GITI Group, Singapore

Collaboration and multi stakeholders approach is two important aspect in achieving SDGs. As our Humanity can be a gift or a curse. The SDGs are the consensus of many nations to ensure it is a positive force into the future. Harmony of humans with other humans, harmony of humans with nature, and harmony of humans with the spiritual are the three ways to happiness that we promote through the SDG Pyramid.

Cherie Nursalim, Network Chair

The Balinese Tri Hita Karana philosophy, which literally means the Three Ways to Happiness, espouses as a way of life the three harmonies of people with people, people with nature, and people with the spiritual. This traditional belief inspires the SDG Pyramid framework which aligns the SDGs into three tiers. The first ten goals represent humanitarian, economic development, inclusiveness and people issues, the next five goals relate to sustainability and ecological issues, and the final two goals on peace and partnership reflect spiritual and value systems. The SDG Pyramid framework has been adopted by SDSN Southeast Asia and SDSN Indonesia to promote the SDGs and facilitate interactive discussions on the goals while demonstrating their interconnectedness across these three realms.

In support of the Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) effort to encourage businesses to adopt the SDGs as part of their strategic growth, SDSN Southeast Asia has launched The SDG Pyramid 100 BIZ “Better Business Better World” campaign to invite a hundred responsible corporations to share their stories around sustainable development. Corporations can participate by sharing a CEO video, an employee engagement exercise using SDG Playcards, and/or case studies on their sustainable development efforts. The aim to inspire other businesses to take similar actions to achieve the SDGs. Videos and materials are shared on the SDG Pyramid website.