Since its launch in early 2015, the SDSN Spain’s mission is to mobilize and sensitize the Spanish society, public institutions and the private sector around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as favoring their incorporation into public policies, the business sector and in the behavior of society in general.

The main purpose of the network is to activate universities, research centers, companies and civil society to solve practical problems on sustainable development, focusing on energy, water, biodiversity and gender.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Hosted by: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)


  • Miguel Ángel Moratinos Cuyaubé

    Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Spain

SDSN Spain, also known as REDS (Red Española para el Desarrollo Sostenible), has been actively engaging different levels of government to promote the implementation of the SDGs. Just after the adoption of the Agenda 2030, the Network organized a gathering of the seven most relevant political parties ahead of the December 20, 2015 general election. During this event, these parties committed to include the SDGs in their political program. This is a remarkable achievement that has served as a model to other National and Regional SDSNs.

REDS has also adopted an innovative approach to mobilizing diverse stakeholders and raising awareness of the SDGs by working closely with cultural institutions. The network aims to leverage art and culture as a communication tool for sustainable development and help align these institutions with the SDGs. The second edition of the Seminar on Arts & Sustainable Development is being organised for 2018.

The Spanish network works with various levels of government to ensure widespread awareness and action on SDGs. At the national level, the network has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to collaborate on the implementation and communication of the SDGs. To this end, the network has initiated meetings with the parliament to raise awareness on the SDGs and discuss recommendations on the role of parliamentarian commissions in achieving the 2030 Agenda. 2 2015 SDSN Spain convened all political parties on SDGs

This network has also been working with regional governments on different initiatives to develop regional versions of the SDG Index that provide more insight on regional opportunities and challenges. To complement this work, REDS are also working with Spanish Federation of Municipalities and academic experts to develop strategies for SDG implementation at the cities level. This commitment is reflected in the SDSN’s Cities Guide and a declaration of commitment by Spanish cities to fulfil 2030 Agenda.